How to Start a YAT Group

YAT groupIdentify the young advisors in your local and the surrounding area

  • Network with other advisors age 40 or under in your local to create a buzz about the benefits of starting a YAT group.
  • If there are young advisors who do not have access to YAT groups in nearby locals, invite them to participate as you form yours.

Work with your local president and executive to spread the word

  • Encourage your local president and executive to use the newsletters or local meetings to get information about the new YAT group to all the members of your local.
  • Determine effective ways of communicating with the young advisors in your local: phone calls, email, personal visits, regular mail, etc.

Form a committee

  • Recruit a group of excited, energetic, and hard-working young advisors to form a committee.

Establish committee goals

  • Decide why you want to have a YAT group in your local.
  • Develop a list of goals you would like to accomplish as a committee and as a YAT group during the first year.

Hold committee meetings

  • Give regular updates on the status of your committee goals and discuss new ideas.


  • Start talking to other associations in your area to network with young professionals in other fields.
  • Follow NAIFA’s “How to Hold a Successful Networking Event” guidelines to begin your networking activities (available online at www.naifa/org/yat).

Get everyone involved

  • Make sure everyone in your YAT group is involved.
  • Give every member at least one responsibility during the year.

Recruit and follow up

  • Hold a YAT informational/recruitment event once a year to introduce prospective members to the benefits of NAIFA membership and YAT involvement.
  • Always follow up with prospective members using email, questionnaires, phone calls, or personal interviews.
  • Keep NAIFA informed about your successes and challenges as you start your new YAT group.

Recognize volunteers, participants, and members

  • Hold a yearly event where you recognize everyone for their hard work and participation.

Be excited!

  • Enjoy being a young advisor and establishing a networking environment for the other young advisors in your area!

To learn what other YAT groups are doing or to obtain YAT resources, contact NAIFA at 877-TO-NAIFA (877-866-2432) or